This is the question when we have to chosse the right trip, to take you to the interior of one of the most famous caves in the world. This is the tour we suggest to anyone who really wants to be inside the Benagil Cave.

Departures from the naval club of Portimão in small boats, allow you to really know inside the interior of the most incredible rock formations, resulting from the erosion of thousands of years.

When you leave from Portimão, you get to know not only the cave of Benagil but also many more. Which has magical, majestic and impressive breathtaking scenery and surprising beaches inaccessible in any other way.

There are several options to visit the cave, but it is important that when choosing, make the right choice. After all, this is possibly a trip, that will do only once in life and as such, it has to be unforgettable. When you arrive at the Pier you will certainly find many options, but it is important to know why this small capacity boat.


The caves are small in size…

so boats of small capacity can visit them inside, while larger ones can never do so. There is also the option of choosing a larger boat that has small boats. So that you can do the transhipment to visit the caves that are around the cave of Benagil. But you will lose the magic of all the others. As you will have to stay on board the “mother boat” while the passengers travel on the support boats, waiting their turn.

They are longer rides and often at the same price, but an authentic waste of time. In the small boats, once the boarding is done, it is a real rain of information, given by the guides who take care of the small groups that have on board. While in the larger ones that we can call “sea buses” they will be only vehicles transportation. Where no information will be given, and which are said to be longer rides. Only and exclusively because they are slower boats.

If it is the cave of Benagil that you want to know, this is without a doubt the best option. With several daily times, free parking for your car.


Are you prepared for so much Natural Beauty?


Our Suggestion

Benagil Private Tour
Algarve, Lagoa, Benagil


Benagil Caves Trip
Algarve, Portimão, Benagil

€17,00 €16,15