After all when is the best time of year to visit Portugal?

Portugal is a country that can be visited all year round, this paradise by the sea planting and falling dimensions, sometimes for a giant country due to the diversity of climate, culture and natural beauty that varies from region to region! Sunny in Europe, in the low season there are also blue sky days, great for sightseeing. In Portugal the winter is cold but with milder temperatures than in the rest of Europe.

So let’s clarify some doubts…

High Season in Portugal
The high season in Portugal starts in May and ends in October.
At this point we receive the largest number of visitors, yet August is King month! Noting very high values ​​of visits to Portugal.
The temperatures differ between Porto Lisboa and Algarve, it is possible to reach 40º, however we are in August and you can not forget to enjoy this temperature in one of our beaches of great sands, dunes and wonderful cliffs.

Portugal Low Season
Already the low season in Portugal starts in November and goes until April
Temperatures are around 8ºC to 15ºC. .Snow in Portugal he had found it in the Serra da Estrela, usually around Christmas time. In addition, Portugal is one of the countries with the most sunny days in Europe. Blue sky days are frequent, so it is easy to enjoy pleasant walks in low season.

After all, what is the best time to go to Portugal?
This country is rich in nature gastronomy culture, is a sunny country of bright days, with a people who know how to receive and also a safe country, the visit to Portugal depends a lot on the personal tastes of each visitor so if you allow us we leave the following tips;

Do you like festivals?
July and August (consult the blog festivals and festivals in Portugal 2020)
Do you like the beach, heat and nightlife?
July to September, and please visit the Algarve

Do you like culture, architecture and history?
All Year Visit Lisbon the capital

Do you want local cuisine?
All year round, do not miss the north of the country, Porto.

Portugal is a country of easy mobility, the transport network works well, and you always have the option of using taxi or Uber to move around the country, so you can easily travel the whole country in 7 Days.