Tour Features

If you follow these guidelines your sales will rise sharply.
Our customers prefer to read short and objective information, and see beautiful and appealing images.


Don’t forget, high quality images can increase your bookings!

JPEG file format
Upload your photos as JPEGs, this is the standard photo format for the web

You own the rights

You are responsible for any infractions. Don’t use photos without permission.

1.200 pixels minimum

Upload your photos at least 1.200 pixels wide, to garantee they quality

No watermarks

Images with watermarks such company logos and contact details aren’t allowed.

Detailed Product Description

This can be a reason for your tour be choosen instead others similars.

300 words or 5 paragraphs maximum

Limit your text to 300 words or 5 paragraphs. Customers will quickly grow boredof reading large blocks of text.

We, Our, Us…
Do not use words such as «our», «we» or us…the customer is bokking your product through our site, these therms are confusing.

Describe the experience

Describe what the customer will get when book your service. Tell them the real experience.

Capitals or Uppercase
Please do not upload tours in only capital or uppercase letters, it looks weird!

Meeting Point and End Point

Customers struggling to find their meeting points is the number one issue faced by our customer service team


Complete address
Give a full address, with street name, number and postal/zip code. If possible, a popular reference.


Provide as much detail as possible for how to get there. By public transport, which exit should them take from station?


Are there any landmarks which could guide the customer to the correct point?


End location
Where does your tour or activity end? Please provide this information, even if is the same as meeting point

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