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Portugal What’s On is official marc of Algarve Discovery Lda and is a travel agency, registered in the Commercial Register of Loule with the collective person number 513105522, RNAVT n.º 8679 and RNAAT 465/2014 at Urb. Che Lagoense Lote 8, 1º Direito, Lagoa.

Portugal what’s On works as an online aggregator of Suppliers of experiences and accommodation for tourists and aims to enable the acquisition of several experiences in a single website.

The companies represented in the platform may also be owners of their own websites not having any relation with this platform.

Product descriptions are the sole responsibility of the participating operators and does not have any intervention in its content or writing.

Acceptance of terms of use
By browsing the platform, you agree and accept the terms and conditions shown here. If you do not agree to the terms or any particular term, please do not register as Customer or Supplier.
For a logistics that meets all our partners and customers our terms and conditions are constantly updated it is recommended to periodically check them. All terms and conditions may change without notice.

Unlicensed for registration
Records must be made by individuals. If it is necessary to register a company, it will be mandatory for the registration to include the name of the person who legally represents it. Pseudonyms or false names are not allowed. reserves the right to delete any account created if this principle is not observed.

Number of accounts
Each entity may have an account.

Price policy
The prices shown on the platform are the sole responsibility of the companies that provide the services. These may vary according to the pricing policy of such companies, without prior notice or special reason that is not justified. Suppliers of the services are free to make promotions or create packages that include various services they provide.

All Suppliers of services sold in the platform, will only be able to present their products or services if they have licensing of the regulator of the activity (Turismo de Portugal), being obligatory to mention the number of RNAAT in the area to that reserved in the platform.

Booking conditions or purchase of vouchers
The conditions of reservation or sale / purchase of vouchers are defined by each Supplier and for each specific product. These conditions shall be included in each product’s data sheet. No product should be offered or purchased in which there is no clear and unambiguous information that is necessary for the full clarification of the product.

When making a purchase, all conditions described in the presentation of the experiment are expressly accepted.
Supplier shall be responsible for any alteration or acceptance of interpretations that differ from the foregoing.
Purchases must be made by one person. In case of purchases made by or for companies, the person who obligates the company must be indicated.

Terms of participation
You are solely responsible for the information you provide at the time of purchase.
The Supplier has the right to reject your admission if incorrect information has been provided during the ticket acquisition process. In this case there will be no right to any refund of amounts paid.
If you endanger yourself or other participants in the experience, the Supplier has the right to exclude you from participation. In this case you will not be entitled to claim any refund of amounts paid.

Changes or cancellations
Supplier has the right to change times or cancel events for reasons related to weather conditions, or other unexpected or accidental circumstances.

What information do we keep?
In order to be able to satisfy the booking needs of the activities provided by the Experienced companies, it may be necessary to collect some personal information from the buyers of the tickets. Thus, the platform has different forms for each Supplier in order to collect the information appropriate to the activity of each one. In some specific cases, it may be necessary to collect key data for the Supplier to verify that the Customer is able to perform the activity that he intends to perform.

In these cases the tickets are not transferable to persons other than the individual identified when the purchase was made.

For security reasons, safely retains on its servers all the information collected and undertakes not to disclose it to third parties, and the specific data of each Supplier’s interest will be passed on to it for compliance with its obligations. needs.

Information used by payment processors does not have any access to the data collected by the credit card companies or other online payment methods used in the platform.
The data collection is done separately from the platform itself. is not responsible for the use that the companies that manage the means of payment can make of the information collected for the purpose of payment.

No confidential information regarding means of payment is retained on the platform or will be known to the Partner Providers of the experiences.

Automatic collection of information
The website automatically collects information about the platform visitor’s IP address as well as information about the used web browser. In order to provide you with a better browsing experience, we also retain information about the pages visited, products viewed, purchases made, searches performed, etc.

Our goal is to help the visitor find the experience that best suits their taste or need more quickly and effectively.

If there is any case where litigation is necessary, you should first contact the Experience Provider to try to resolve the situation. If you are unsuccessful, will be able to intervene to try to resolve the situation, but you will do so only if it proves that all possibilities have been exhausted with the Experience Provider.

If there is any dispute with the platform itself, it is already clear that, if it is necessary to resort to the intervention of courts, the parties agree and accept that it will be the region of Lisbon, Portugal that can be used for this purpose, regardless of the country of origin of the litigant or the country from which the ticket purchase was made. The applicable law is Portuguese law.


Children not accompanied by adults
Unaccompanied children are not allowed in any experiment. If you purchase a ticket for the purpose of providing a child with the activity, you must bear in mind that you must purchase a ticket for the person who is over 18 years of age. is not responsible for the sale of tickets that may be used by minors. The responsibility for the admission of the participants is always and only the promoter of the experience, which will have to verify if the participants fully meet their requirements.

Platform access to minors
Internet access by children is the sole responsibility of their tutors. Portugal can not be attributed to or its Partners any responsibility for improper use of the platform by children who have access to it improperly.

As a general rule, it is not possible to change the canceling policy of each Supplier of the experiments. The cancellation policy is the sole responsibility of each of the companies participating in the platform. Sometimes the cancellation policy of each of the companies does not match the cancellation policy of In cases where it is difficult to enforce the cancellation policy announced by each Supplier, Customer shall immediately communicate, in writing via e-mail, any occurrence, clearly explaining what happened, accompanying the information with all documents related to the subject. will fairly attempt to resolve any dispute between Supplier and buyer of the experience.


EXPERIENCE SUPPLIERS (activities for the tourist)

If you are a Partner as a Service Provider, we alert you to our intransigence regarding the disclosure of your products via the Internet through unsolicited emails. If you want to advertise your products on our platform you should make use of ads; links on other websites; authorized email lists; but never SPAM.

Failure to comply with this requirement may lead to the cancellation of your account on the platform.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
By registering to offer your products or services on the platform, Supplier accepts the terms and conditions by clicking the “I accept the terms of conditions” checkbox. With this act, Supplier agrees to give the possibility of managing without interference the way the platform presents itself to Partners or Customers and gives the platform manager full rights to use the images and texts related to the products in it disclosed.

Validation of information is not responsible for verifying and validating the information about the products placed by the Supplier. It has, however, the right to exclude information placed by the Supplier that is harmful to the interests of the platform or that conflicts with common sense.

License to exercise the activity
The Supplier, in order to be able to display its products on the platform, must be constituted as an entity accredited by Finance and Tourism of Portugal (must have a valid taxpayer number and RNAVT or RNAAT).

About services provided by

Supplier agrees and authorizes to:
a) – Use your images to promote the activity through the platform;
b) – To contract, the services rendered by him directly with the final Client;
c) Receive amounts through any means of payment in force on the platform to pay for the acquisition of tickets for the activities sold;
d) – Authorizes the platform to contract online payment services to collect amounts owed by Customers for the purchase of services provided by the Supplier, transacted in the platform;
e) Authorizes the platform to provide online Payment Service Providers with the necessary information about the Client to process the payment or return of the securities;

Disclaimer of Liability
The Supplier exempts the platform from any liability inherent to the provision of the service it advertises on as well as the way in which it occurs.

Customer Information
The Supplier agrees that it is its responsibility to provide the necessary information to the Customer so that he can fully enjoy the service purchased through the platform. As an example: meeting point; duration of the event; schedules; necessary equipments; clothing more suitable; etc.

Qualification of personnel
The Supplier guarantees that all guides and personnel accompanying and / or guiding the Client have the legal competences necessary for the exercise of their activity.
Supplier assumes full responsibility for the way its staff relates to Customers who have legally acquired their ticket via

Best price guarantee
The prices charged on the platform as well as the fees paid for your products or services to be displayed on can not be higher than those publicly practiced or displayed in online or non-promotional means used by the Supplier in the exercise of his activity.

Cookie Policy
“Cookies” are bits of information that are stored by the web browser on the computer’s hard drive for record-keeping purposes. Cookies in and of themselves only identify your computer; they do not personally identify you. uses cookies by default. If you want to prevent the use of cookies you must use the features offered by your web browser for this purpose.
Cookies are used to improve navigation results on the platform, but it can work without them although in that case it will decrease your browsing experience.

Changes to our policies reserves the right to change policies as and when required, and is not required to alert Partners or Customers of such changes.
If you continue to use the platform after we have changed our policies, this assumes your acceptance of the changes we have implemented and your consent to the application thereof.
Preferred routes for contact will always be available on the platform.

Response Time
It is in our interest to maintain the platform with very short response times.
We will respond to all e-mails in time for us deemed convenient to fulfill our and your interest.

Guarantee of exclusivity
The Supplier may only present his own products on the platform. You are not authorized to display products or services as an intermediary. The Supplier must be prepared to ensure the execution of his own service.

Equal treatment guarantee
The Supplier warrants that the Customers coming from the platform will be treated in exactly the same way that Customers are treated by their own channels.

Costs of becoming a Partner
Registration as a Partner is free, and you can upload unlimited experiences, we do not make money until you do, so the minimum commission required to publish an experiment is 15%, only paid when there is a sale of one of your experiences.

VAT policy
The prices shown on the platform should already include VAT at the required legal rate where the experiments take place.

Billing of the services provided by the Supplier to the Customer
The Supplier is obliged to pass to the Customer an invoice with the amount directly received by him and which includes all the fees inherent to the transaction.

Billing of tickets sold by the platform
a) The Supplier is obliged to invoice to all the amounts received by him for sales made via platform, clearly mentioning what taxes are applied.
b) This invoicing must be made monthly, starting on the 30th of each month, reflecting the sales figures referring to the previous month.

Billing of the services provided by the platform
a) The invoice to the Customer the total that he paid directly to the platform.
(If the customer pays the platform only the value of the reservation and the remaining Vendor, it will receive an invoice from each entity relative to the amount paid to each of the parties.)

b) is obligated to invoice the Supplier for all amounts paid by him for the service provided via the platform. Amounts paid for ticket sales are always retained by the platform whenever a transaction is confirmed.

c) The amounts payable for extra services, requested by the Supplier, will be billed separately and must be paid by the Supplier according to the conditions contracted for this purpose.

Transaction Fees
a) The Supplier agrees to pay a commission for each sale made on the platform at a percentage agreed between the parties, individually. The commission will be deducted from the total value received by the platform for sales made to the Supplier.

b) has partnerships with some platforms (, GetYourGuide, among others), if the purchase of your service is done by re-routing our platform to one of these, the commission is only paid to the platform where it was made the purchase. Never pay commission twice

Practical example 1: the customer enters our platform and does a search on our search engine, is redirected to and finalizes the booking on, the commission that the supplier has to pay is;

Practical example 2: the customer enters our platform and does a search in our search engine and finalizes the reservation in our platform, the commission that the supplier has to pay is to; In this situation your service must be hosted on our platform.

c) supports the fees charged by credit card operators for transactions made within the platform.

The value transferred by to the Supplier reflects the sum of the net prices of all the reserved Services considered. However, some banks may charge fees to receive payments or make international transfers. These fees are the sole responsibility of the Supplier. Due to bank transfer costs, may decide not to transfer amounts below € 50.00 or an equivalent amount in a different currency. If in a given month the amount of € 50.00 is not reached, has the right to delay payment until such amount is reached.

d) does not assume any responsibility or be liable to Supplier for any costs related to cancellations; payment failures or cancellations of payments made by credit card, by the Customer.

e) In the event of cancellation by the Customer of any payment made by him with credit card, will require the Supplier to return this value which can be transferred to or discounted by it in future transactions, for checking current account.

f) In cases where there is a cancellation of payment by credit card by the customer before the experience is performed, will inform the Supplier immediately.

Assurance of change information
Once Supplier is automatically informed by the platform whenever there is a sale of your product or service containing such contact information of the buyer, you are obligated to communicate directly to the Customer any changes that may occur, such as: change of date or time ; cancellation of activity; etc.

The Supplier is obliged to inform the platform of any change imposed on the service until three hours before the scheduled time when the ticket was sold.
In the description of the product or service it is mandatory to clearly state the information regarding the cancellation and / or return policy practiced by each Supplier, for each product.

Data processing
a) The Supplier guarantees that it will treat all the information collected by the platform and that it is provided in accordance with the national and European standards of data processing.

b) The Supplier warrants that it will not use the data provided by the platform for ticket validation as a source of data to be used for its own marketing campaigns or other communication of any kind not expressly authorized by Customer.

c) The Supplier guarantees to hold all rights to the images or texts uploaded by you to the platform, being solely responsible for their content or writing. Placing them on the platform gives the same the right to use them to promote and promote under any support both the products and itself.

Texts and Photos
The texts are the responsibility of the partner, but always subject to review of has the power to reject and / or delete texts that do not comply with our policy, always informing the partner in order to correct them.

Photos may not contain logos or elements that explicitly identify the company in question. has the power to reject and / or delete photos that do not meet these criteria, always informing the partner to be able to correct them.

Languages for written communication
Only two languages are allowed for communication between the Agent and the platform: Portuguese and English.

We hope that your experience with us is as wonderful as possible.
A good to our customers and suppliers, welcome to this universe of experiences from Portugal to the World.

Tours Free
Tours of sale price are not accepted to the public of 0 €.


Exclusive Packs

Portugal What’s On undertakes not to accept the same products, which have the following 4 similarities: itineraries, equal start times and duration, equal means (eg Jeep, boats, car), start location (minimum 1 km) . The exclusivity is valid only for tours that present these 4 elements in common (itinerary, starting time and duration, identical means of transport and similar geographic start). So if we have a Jeep tour with the circuit and departure time and duration equal but two different operators, Portugal What’s On only undertakes to publish what first made the registration as an exclusive partner.

Conditions for cancellation of the exclusive Packs
a) Inadequate response capacity. If the partner does not meet the conditions to respond to the requests requested by our customers to Portugal What’s On can terminate the Pack of exclusivity.

b) Portugal What’s On, can at any time remove Tours or operators that do not present an average of reviews superior to 4.0.

c) Unreasonable cancellations or bad faith. Cancellations in order of causes of atmospheric conditions and sea state are accepted. Mismanagement of reservations by operators, which cause overbooking and in turn cancellations due to internal mismanagement of the ordering partner, are factors that can lead to the cancellation of your account as a partner.

Partner account cancellation conditions
a) It is in our interest to maintain the quality of the services that we promote in our platform, so Portugal What’s On, can at any time remove Tours or operators that do not present an average of reviews superior to 4.0.

b) Unjustified cancellations or bad faith. Cancellations are accepted whose causes are atmospheric conditions and sea state. Mismanagement of reservations by operators, which cause overbooking and in turn cancellations due to internal mismanagement of the ordering partner, are factors that can lead to the cancellation of your account as a partner.

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