It was not by chance that Lisbon was considered the most beautiful city in Europe, by the renowned “time out” magazine.
There are many reasons we can enumerate to do justice to this distinction.

The places that seem lost in time, alfama,bairro da graça and the so glamorous Bairro Alto. Where we can not fail to stress that in the Luis de Camões square can enter the “machine of time” electric 28, electric 28 begins at Martim Moniz and finishes at Campo de Ourique, at the Cemetery of Prazeres. However, as it is very frequented there are trams that make smaller routes, between Graça and the Estrela. In the initial stop at Martim Moniz there are always large queues. So I advise you to start the trip in the Cemetery of the Pleasures or in the Star.


Lose yourself in the night of the upper district,

where each corner is a real machine to relive the past and to be inside the history and culture of this wonderful city. Fado vadio will be a constant, we advise you not to miss dinner in one of the fantastic terraces of the neighborhood thanks to fado as background music.

I walked to the market square, Rua Augusta and enjoy the magic of the vibrant sun that flows in the wonderful river Tejo.
The 25 de Abril Bridge, whose name originates from the date on which Portugal acquired democracy by the acclaimed revolution of the carnations in 1974. Now has a belvedere, with the floor in glass so that you can have the most incredible view of the city as well as the most adventurous of selfies.

It is a must see the walking tours through the Bairro Alto, with guides. Who better than anyone, know all the corners of the city, and can take you to the local gastronomy.
Lisbon is a complete, safe city with easy access public transportation that allows you to pass from one end to the other all the most emblematic places.

If you doubt that there are, that Lisbon is a mandatory stop, you will no longer have them as soon as you visit.


What you Can not Lose

# Mosteiro dos Jerónimos
# Torre de Belém
# Oceanario
# Bairro Alto & Chiado
# Elevador de Santa Justa
# Padrão dos Descobrimentos

In the visit to Belem , it is highly recommended that you taste the pasteis de Belem, which are the ex-libris.


What you have to know

Lisbon has an extremely complete transportation network, and you can travel safely through the city.
Lisbon as any European city has the Uber service. Which allows you to move in the comfort of the service to which you are accustomed.