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FAQ’S Partner

How can I sell my services on PORTUGAL WHAT´S ON and sign up?

First you need to sign up as a parnter on After we have checked your details, we will grant you access to our system so you can start uploading your services to our system.
Once your services are approved, we will put them online and customers can start booking them.

How to Sign Up?

Signing up is easy! Just go to and select “Register Now”.
Once you have confirmed your information, an e-mail will be sent with a link allowing you to activate your account. It is also important to specify the currency in which you wish to be paid.
After confirming your e-mail, you will be required to upload your business license, liability insurance, and banking details. Once this process is complete, you are free to add all of your services.
If you have questions regarding the sign up process you can contact our partner support team on

How much does it cost to use Portugal What´s On?

It’s free to use
Portugal what´s on is only commission based. There are no fixed fees and you only pay a commission fee for bookings that you decide to accept. After sign-up, we will get in touch with you to negotiate a commission rate.

What kind of companies and services are suited for Portugal What´s On?

We are open to all kinds of partners of tours, attractions and activities.??Our partners include end-activity operators, wholesalers and niche aggregators, destination management companies, incoming agencies, and business incentive companies.??As long as you offer an interesting experience and accept vouchers, your product is right for Portugal what´s on.?
Portugal What´s on works with professional partners of tours, attractions and other destination services. Our partners are usually direct operators and tend to offer services in the following categories:
* Tours
* Activities
* Nightlife
* Cooking Classes
* City Cards
* Ground Transportation / Transfers
* Snow & Winter Sports
* Attractions
* Shows & Events
* Rentals
* Shore Excursions
* Hotel
* Accomodations
* Hostel

If you are unsure whether your company is suited for distribution on Portugal What´s On, simply contact our partner support team

How will I receive my payment?

As a partner you receive payment for your bookings minus the negotiated commission fees on a monthly basis. The partner share becomes due at the end of the month, in which the tour is conducted and the payment is released on the 5th day of the following month. You can choose to receive payment in one of the following currencies:

Sending us Invoices

You do not have to send us an invoice or our vouchers because all payments to partners are handled automatically and you are e-mailed a detailed remittance advice for reconciliation of payments. The payment is wired directly into the bank account you specify in your partner profile.

What is the Portugal What´s On cancellation policy?

Portugal What´s On standard cancellation policy is the policy we strongly advise you to have in order to perform well on our platform and is the following:
* Up to 24 Hours before the beginning of the activity: full refund
* Less than 24 Hours before the beginning of the activity or no-show: no refund

If you have your own cancellation policy, please contact your Account Manager or However, please note that this policy should be used for exceptional cases and can be refused by the PORTUGAL WHAT´S ON team.

Why do we get paid after the tour?

We pay our partners after the tour takes place because of the complications involved with refunds if a tour is cancelled. If we transfer the money to you after the booking, and then the tour is cancelled and we need to refund the customer, the transaction costs will triple. This is also convenient for you as we will take care of refunds and cancellations.

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